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Content Marketing Strategy
& Development

70% of businesses use content marketing (e.g., blogs, infographics, ultimate guides, screen slides) to attract new business. Content marketing straddles the line between education and promotion, proactively answering prospects’ questions and solving their problems. We love brainstorming ideas with clients to create original content that will tip the scales in their favor.

Marketing Services in California

Infographics, slide shares, blogs
White papers, case studies, ultimate

Sales collateral, direct mail, leave behinds
Marketing automation


Marketing Content
Digital Marketing & Lead Generation

Integrated inbound campaigns

Social media (all major platforms)

Gated content downloads

Email campaigns for the buyer's journey

PPC campaigns (Google, social, online)

Digital Marketing & Lead Generation

You’d never ask someone to marry you on the first date. Commitment takes time. That’s why free and gated content is so effective for connecting with customers and generating new leads*. The right creative assets ensure that your customers are researching, clicking, sharing and commenting about your brand while they’re online (which is 30% of the time BTW). We’ll help you develop an integrated, engaging inbound strategy that includes digital content, email campaigns, sponsored ads and more.

Lead Generation

Copywriting & Communications 

Effective copy is a delicate recipe fashioned from four important ingredients: persuasive storytelling, subject-matter expertise, sound writing skills and a firm grasp of SEO best practices. Too much of one ingredient or not enough of another, and the final outcome disappoints. At McCall Marketing, we think we’ve got just the right balance of all four. Whatever you need to communicate, we'll help you grab people’s attention and position your product or service as their next logical purchase.

Copywriting Services

Web copy, product descriptions, ad copy

Newsletters, press releases, blog series

Training and user manuals

How-to guides, direct mail and e-books

Title, header, alt tags, meta descriptions

Video, podcast scripts

White Feather

Mobile-responsive web design

Keyword-rich content

Title, header, alt tags, meta descriptions

Snippets, People Also Ask

Optimized blogs (500 - 2000+ words)

Landing page conversion optimization

Clean navigation and compelling design

Web Design & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your next great customer is just a Google (or Yahoo, Baidu, Bing, DuckDuckGo) search away, but only if your website* is fully optimized. Good design, SEO and a regular blogging strategy help Google and other search engines figure out what your pages are about and how they may be useful to visitors. In fact, 84% of consumers make purchases after reading about a product or service on a blog. We’ll put the web strategies in place that will push you further up the ranks.

Web Design

Marketing Projects & Analytics

At the end of the day, do you know whether your strategies are having a positive impact on your bottom line? We’ll make sure you do, tracking the important KPIs and providing suggestions for improvement. We can also handle those occasional one-off projects you might have, as well as ongoing projects, like that blog series you've been putting off. 

*Blog content ghost-written by McCall Marketing

Marketing Analytics & Google Analytics

Metrics tracking/analytics and reporting

Light graphic design

One-time or ongoing projects

Google Search Console, Analytics 


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Meg McCall, principal of McCall Marketing, has worked for 20+ years in executive-level marketing positions. She’s had real-world experience leading marketing efforts in the SaaS, information technology, health and wellness, and higher education sectors. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin and now living in San Luis Obispo, California, she’s helped organizations like Mindbody, Digital West and the UW-Madison achieve rapid growth through demand generation, brand awareness and content marketing strategies. Her forte is creating compelling written and visual content, whether it's SEO-optimized blogs, websites or digital assets. ​Meg works with a small virtual team, bringing in additional expertise as needed for specific clients.

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